Little Known Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell For More

Little known staging tips that help homes sell for more


Let’s face it. When it comes to selling something, presentation plays a big role. Aesthetics are important to everyone, especially to the buyers. It is all about the presentation. Take, for example, things that are being sold on e-commerce websites or social media platforms. The best-presented item always gets sold first. 


This is the same concept when you are trying to sell your home. Here are a few tips and simple tips on how you can stage your home. 


Declutter - This not only improves the aesthetic of your home but at the same time helps promote the space available. Usually, when a buyer comes in to visit, they are already imagining where to put their stuff. This allows them a clearer view of what they do with the area. You might love having photos of your family in every square inch of the home, but this makes it harder for a new family to picture themselves in this home. Declutter and depersonalize. 

Cleaning and Painting - A basic thing that you should do but is equally important. Buyers like to see a clean home or property and at the same time, this will provide them the idea that your home is well maintained. You can do some further research on what are the best colors that you can go with in terms of painting. The most common advice that you will get is for you to paint it with neutral colors. Paint is a cheap way to freshen up your home. 

Interior designing - You want to double-check everything and make sure it is pleasing to the eye. You want to maximize the area and highlight the best parts of your home. If you move out of your home before you list it, sometimes it’s better to leave a few key items or hire a professional stager to come and set the home in a modern, stylish staging that can help sell your home for more. 

Curb Appeal - Just like inside, paint can go a long way - not only in looks but in preserving and protecting your home from the weather. But a few easy things you can do that really help with curb appeal are; keeping your grass mowed, cleaning up Spot’s business, tidying up your toys and vehicles, power washing the driveway, keep walkways clear, and trim the hedges and shrubs! You have to make sure that everything is in place and it can give a prospective buyer an idea of what they might want to do with the area. 


These simple and affordable tips can make a difference and maximize the potential value of your property when you go to sell. 

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